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Measuring video game playing in adolescents

Addiction, 97(12), 1601-1606.
Ricardo A. Tejeiro Salguero
Rosa M. Bersabé Morán

Full text/ texto completo: http://hera.ugr.es/doi/15022742.pdf

Aims: Some researchers suggest that for some people, video game playing is an addictive behavior similar to substance dependence. Our aim was to design and validate a scale to measure the problems associated with the apparently addictive use of all types of video games and video game systems, since there is no instrument at the present time that can be used for this purpose. Design: We reviewed the DSM-IV (APA, 1994) criteria for substance dependence and for pathological gambling, as well as the literature on the addictions in order to design a short scale (PVP; Problem Video Game Playing) that is quick and easy to apply. Participants: The scale was administered to 223 Spanish adolescents aged between 13 and 18 years. Findings: Psychometric analyses show that the PVP seems to be unidimensional and has acceptable internal consistency (Cronbach's alpha) at .69. The pattern of associations between the scale scores and alternative measures of problem play supports its construct validity (higher total scores in the scale were associated with higher frequency of play, mean and longest times per session, self and parents perception of playing to excess, and scores in the Severity of Dependence Scale). Conclusions: Our results confirm that the excessive use of video games is associated with a number of problems which resemble a dependence syndrome, and the PVP appears as a useful instrument for the measurement of such problems.
Key words: video games, addiction, dependence, adolescence, scale validation.

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Sara Sofia Romero Oquendo dijo...

Buenas noches Doctor Tejeiro:
Quisiera contarle que he leído varios de sus artículos y han sido de mucha ayuda para mi investigación.
Mi nombre es Sara Sofia Romero Oquendo. Soy estudiante de 9º semestre de medicina en la Unidad Central del Valle del Cauca, en la ciudad de Tulua, en Colombia, y estoy haciendo mi proyecto de investigación sobre la asociación de los videojuegos y el rendimiento o desempeño académico en niños de 9º, 10º y 11º de los colegios de la ciudad de Tulua.
Quisiera preguntarle si podría ayudarme con información, como por ejemplo los cuestionarios para determinar si hay abuso o juego patológico; o información que usted desee compartir conmigo.

Muchas gracias.